2018 King Limits Announced


Dining Room Update


Salmon Halibut Ceviche

Resort Report March 2018

Fleet Near Complete

The final stages of our multimillion-dollar boat update.

Flatfish Countdown

The who's who of last season's inductees to Waterfall Resort's 100-pound (and over) halibut club.

Coho Bruschetta

Fresh tomato and basil pump the flavor of this recipe, equally great as an appetizer or a main dish.

Resort Report Jan/Feb 2018

Announcing Our Photo Contest Winners

Check out the highlights of our 2017 season as captured by the winners of the Waterfall Resort Photography Contest.

Cocktails, Alaska Style

Treat your group to a private event steeped in local lore.

Chinook Risotto

A cold-weather classic to please palates year-round.

Resort Report Nov/Dec 2017

Winterizing Wonderland

What it takes to throttle down for a 30-degree winter.

Time to Cast Your Vote

Check out the good times and choose your favorite photos.

Creamy Rockfish Soup

Rock your catch with leeks, fennel, and red potatoes....

Resort Report October 2017

Calling All Wannabe Chefs

Share your favorite fish dish photos and recipes with Taste of Waterfall.

Catch Record

Our lounge library holds a growing trove of fish stories.

Toasted Sesame Salmon

Soy sauce, scallions, sesame, and lightly charred fillets...

Resort Report September 2017

The 2017 King of Kings Winners

Lee Novara and Bob Dahlstrom take top honors in Waterfall Resort's annual fishing tournament.

Call for Entries

Time to send us your best shots.

King a la Veracruzana

Alaska meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Resort Report August 2017

Going for a Shot at the King of Kings Crown

The race is on for the 2017 King of Kings Salmon Tournament title.

Flat Out for Halibut

The scoop on this season’s record Pacific halibut catches to date.

Coho with Tabbouleh

Pair roasted coho with this couscous side and yogurt sauce.

Resort Report July 2017

Reels Are Out and the Bite Is On!

The 2017 season opening sees solid wins for the King of Kings Salmon Tournament and the King Salmon Jackpot Challenge.

The Masters Touch

Bernhard Langer brings a pro element to the Lagoon Saloon.

Citrus Cured Salmon

The no-cook summer dish for your first Chinook of the season.

Resort Report May/June 2017

Update On Our Dining Room

Meagan Kilgore tackles an expanded role at Waterfall Resort and Joe Walker joins her in the kitchen as executive chef.

New Sea-Tac Storage

Overnighting in Seattle? Store your fish boxes at the airport.

Pepper Salmon Skewers

Cook these tasty treats under the broiler or on the barbecue.